Autism Approaches

Our staff undertake a Level 2 Open University course on autism when they join LVS Hassocks, which provides them with an understanding of the challenges our students may encounter.  Staff work closely with students to ensure that they have the supports necessary to enable them to access learning. 

The school offers a safe, structured, calm environment, within 37.5 acres of grounds.  We support the learning process for our students by focusing on their emotional wellbeing and physical health, as well as ensuring that they develop the skills to manage the stress and anxiety so commonly associated with autism.  We aim to provide our students with a range of coping mechanisms that they can take with them in the future, building their resilience in preparation for life in the modern world.

Classrooms have a central table, with individual desks/workstations available.  In some classrooms, students personalise their desks and workstations with their timetables, calm plans, reward schemes and reminders, whilst in others individual desks are used as ‘hot desks’.  Individual timetables, with graphics if needed, are issued to each student to go into their planner, which also holds the student handbook, personalised calm plans, social stories and any other key information to support the student day to day.  Orientation sessions each Monday morning allow students to gently re-familiarise themselves with school and the student ‘Shout Out’ gives them information regarding the week ahead such as visitors to school, themed meals and staff changes.

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