Statement of Purpose

To enable our students to be happy and active, we have created a curriculum underpinned by our three areas for development:

  • Learning
  • Growing
  • Achieving

We offer a specialist curriculum that recognises each young person diagnosed on the autism spectrum as an individual, and we work to support them on their journey to realising their full potential.  Our structured environment and high levels of targeted intervention and differentiation support our students with autism, Asperger’s and associated difficulties to acquire strategies for life and learning, which in the longer term, will give them the opportunities and skills for successful employment and independent living.

Our school is friendly and supportive, where attendance is high and mutual respect thrives, addressing the social and emotional wellbeing of every young person in the school. 

We achieve this through the following methods:

  • Wellbeing and therapies– focuses on health eating, exercise, relaxation techniques, emotional regulation (using the Zones of Regulation approach), and helping students develop strategies for managing times of increased anxiety, enabling them to return to a calm, alert state ready for learning.
  • Learning– we offer our students an adapted curriculum that recognises the individuality of young people with autism.  A range of academic and vocational courses are offered, including GCSEs, BTECs, Functional Skills and Entry Level qualifications, in a vibrant and stimulating environment where staff help students make connections between their learning and how this can be applied to everyday situations.  Alongside the formal curriculum, we support students to build resilience in preparation for life in the modern world.
  • Growing– we aim to provide our students with a ‘tool box for life’ – a variety of qualifications, skills and coping mechanisms that they can take with them for the future.  Our students access a range of activities and experiences including supporting local and national charities in fund raising events; drop down days that focus on specific areas such as the rule of law or recycling and sustainability; weekly thinking skills programmes which challenge rigid thinking patterns, all of which support personal and social development.  Our approach enables students to be in charge of their learning, in control of their feelings and emotions and responsible for their actions, enabling them to grow into caring, confident citizens of the future.
  • Achieving– we work closely with local colleges, schools, alternative education providers and the local community to ensure there is a breadth of qualifications and experiences on offer for the students.  We aim to prepare young people with autism for life in the workplace so that when they leave us they not only have the skills and knowledge to get a job and sustain work, but are able to contribute to their local community in a positive way.

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