Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy

Supporting young people to develop independence in their learning and life skills.

The therapists at LVS Hassocks work in an integrated way as members of the whole school team.  Delivering therapy at three levels:

What to expect from the therapists at LVS Hassocks

The Universal Level - the therapists will provide advice and training to staff and parents.  This may be on an individual needs,a group or a whole school basis.  All students will have access to this level of service.

The Targeted Level - the therapists provide indirect intervention for specific areas such as social skills or movement groups.  The groups will be supported by school staff to help skills carry over into other areas.  Most students will have access to this level of service.

The Specialist Level - the therapists work directly and intensively with individual students. This work has very specific goals and will be monitored closely to ensure it is meeting the needs of the student and is supporting them to reach their identified outcomes.  Those students who have this level of therapy provision identified on their EHCPs will have access to this level of service.

How will the therapists communicate with parents.

Students will have an allocated SaLT and OT.  At the beginning of each academic year we will let them know who that is and how to contact them.  If there are any changes we will let students know.

At the targeted and specialist level, students will have an allocated Speech and language Therapist and/or Occupational Therapist. They will receive a personalised timetable including any therapy sessions and a progress report at the end of each term.

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