Ofsted Residential Provision Report April 23 2018

LVS Hassocks Residential Provision Report April 2018: 115.29 kb

Ofsted Inspection 23 January 2018

We were inspected by Ofsted on 23 January 2018, and the feedback was that all standards checked were met, which reinforces the progress we have been making towards the school improvement action plan we have in place.  Whilst we are not able to release the full details of the report, it confirmed that the school has a clear safeguarding policy in place, all standards checked are being met and students are being well supervised.  In terms of leadership and management, the Ofsted inspector reported that leaders are ambitious for pupils and the school, and students like the senior team and warm relationships were noted.

Ofsted Social Care Inspection Report September 2017

LVS Hassocks had a routine Ofsted social care inspection from Tuesday 12th to Thursday 14th September 2017.


The rating given was “requires improvement to be good”, with Ofsted recognising that there are no serious or widespread failures that result in pupils’ welfare not being safeguarded or promoted.


Many positive aspects of the social care provision were identified, including:

  • The knowledgeable residential staff are caring and nurturing in their approach
  • Staff and young people have very good relationships with each other; this enables staff to support and assist young people to overcome anxieties
  • Young people are encouraged to develop independence skills through the completion of daily chores
  • Young people are happy and at ease in the residential houses


Whilst identifying areas that require improvement, Ofsted noted that

  • The senior leadership team is new in post, and is in the early stages of development. Leaders have improved many areas of weakness that were previously identified, but there continues to be more work required to sustain, embed and develop this.
  • Senior leaders have high aspirations. They are dynamic and have developed purposeful action plans to address weakness.
  • The board of governors has recently formed, but is not yet established
  • Staff have implemented new recording systems and procedures in the school. Leaders responsible for managing safeguarding concerns possess the required knowledge and understanding, and work with the local safeguarding board to maintain their knowledge and understanding


Head of School Terry Kelly said: “LVS Hassocks is continuing to make progress against plans introduced in the last year. Whilst the rating from this inspection confirms that there is still work to be done, the report also acknowledges the improvements recently introduced and that the new senior leadership team has the aspirations to continue this. A number of new initiatives are being developed, and with a new Head of Boarding due to join the team soon I am confident the progress will continue. I would like to thank the staff for their continued hard work, dedication and commitment to the school”.

LVS Hassocks Social Care Ofsted Report September 2017.pdf: 144 kb

Ofsted Monitoring Report May 2017

In May 2017 LVS Hassocks received a monitoring visit from Ofsted regarding school and residential progress. We are pleased to report that the findings reflect the work and progress over the last nine months and that all required standards were met.

The overall outcome was that "The school meets all of the independent school standards that were checked during this inspection" and for the residential provision "The school meets all of the national minimum standards that were checked during this inspection".

Main findings included:

  • Classroom visits showed a high degree of pupil engagement with learning across key stages and in different year groups. Relationships are strong.
  • Pupils are making much better progress.
  • Strong practice is celebrated and built on.
  • Changes in the school's senior leadership team and improvements in governance have resulted in good progressin improving all aspects of the school's provision.
  • The quality of teaching, learning and assessment is improving across the school, including in the sixth form. Consequently, pupils are now making better progress in a range of subjects, not least mathematics and English.
  • Changes to the curriculum and the way teachers are expected to plan and deliver lessons have ensured that pupils are now experiencing a more balanced and appropriate range of subjects and learning experiences.
  • Schemes of work and long and medium-term curriculum plans have been reviewed and refined.
  • Expectations for behaviour and the way pupils conduct themselves in classrooms and around the school have increased dramatically.

LVS Hassocks Ofsted Monitoring Report May 2017.pdf: 259.49 kb

Ofsted Inspection Report September 2016

LVS Hassocks had a routine integrated Ofsted inspection on Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd September 2016. The school is disappointed with the rating of inadequate given that two previous Ofsted care inspections resulted in ratings of good (March 2015 and December 2015).

An action plan was submitted on 16th November to the Department for Education for approval, outlining plans to implement rapid and sustainable improvements, many of which are already being addressed. The school has until 19th December to send an updated plan to them with any accompanying evidence. Safety of learners, staff and everyone at school is LVS Hassocks’ highest priority at all times and the action plan includes steps to review its policies and processes.

Further to Ofsted’s recommendations, LVS Hassocks is pleased to announce that Terry Kelly has been appointed as the new Deputy Head, Teaching, Learning and Assessment, from 31st October.  Terry has extensive experience working with teachers and multi-disciplinary teams to secure the very best results for learners and has already started working on the data and systems required to underpin improvements in this area.

LVS Hassocks is encouraged that inspectors noted individual examples of very good teaching and learning practice and the action plan will ensure this is in place across all departments of the school. The school is also pleased that its residential provision was praised by Ofsted with positive feedback from learners and parents in this department.

LVS Hassocks is conducting a consultation process with a number of staff to review the skills and knowledge required to effect improvements in supporting learners moving forwards.

Ofsted will return in 3-6 months to ensure the action plan is being implemented as quickly as possible.  The Licensed Trade Charity, Trustees and school leaders are working hard to implement improvements across areas of concern. LVS Hassocks would like to take this opportunity to thank parents, who are extremely supportive of the work the school does, for their ongoing support. Once submitted, a copy of the action plan will be available on request by emailing info@lvs-hassocks.org.uk.

LVS Hassocks Ofsted Report September 2016.pdf: 220.84 kb

Ofsted Inspection Report December 2015

December 2015 - Good

Following the recent residential inspection of LVS Hassocks we are very pleased with the findings documented in the attached report, which reflects the work being done with and by learners, staff, parents and all partners associated with the school.

The report finds that we have been graded good in all areas for residential provision across the school. For clarity Grade 2 = good, which is a school which provides a high quality of care that exceeds minimum requirements.

The key findings from the report noted:

  • Residential pupils make good progress in education, social skills and behaviour management.  They are cared for by a team of committed staff whose focus is to provide support and guidance for young people to succeed.
  • Residential pupils who reach 16 years old are able to develop their life skills in the designated living area.  This helps residential young peole successfully move onto a wide range of destinations post 18 years old.
  • Young people's safety is a priority.  Knowledgeable leaders take the lead in safeguarding, they ensure staff are trained to provide safe care and to identify concerns.

To read the full summary of key findings and report download the following report.

LVS Hassocks Ofsted Residential Report.pdf: 278.61 kb

Ofsted Inspection Report March 2015

March 2015 - Good

In March 2015 Ofsted found the School to be Good after it's social care inspection.

Amongst the main findings of the report it was noted:

  • There is a strong emphasis on developing students’ literacy, communication, numeracy and ICT skills

  • The curriculum is currently under review to ensure that the provision meets learners’ needs more exactly; it is to include more work-related accredited courses

  • The behaviour of students observed both in and out of lessons and when moving around the school was consistently appropriate. Students are good humoured and polite towards each other, staff and visitors

  • The school has many systems in place for providing information to parents

  • Leaders actively promote the well-being of students

  • The proprietor, headteacher and school leaders have ensured that all the independent school standards are consistently met and the students’ welfare is safeguarded.

LVS Hassocks Ofsted Social Care Report.pdf: 227.91 kb

To read the reports in full please click on the link below...


Ofsted comment about LVS Hassocks

'The staff know young people well and provide individualised guiance and support to stretch them without causing distress.'

December 2015

'The curriculum statement details the school's commitment to enabling children with a diagnosis of autism to access the National Curriculm and other 'training provision' that is 'meaningful, relevant and appropriate.  Underpinning its core beliefs is the need 'to provide learning pathways that lead to employability'.

March 2015

'Schemes of work have a strong emphasis on developing students' personal and communication skills.'

March 2015

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