Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Our experienced team are here to support you, as well as answering your questions we have an extensive knowledge of ASD and can advise of the suitability of our programme to meet your child's needs.  

Please call the school in the first instance to discuss your individual child and we can explain further the admissions process and criteria.

Q - How many students in each class?

A - We have approximately 8 students in each class.


Q - What is the ratio of staff to children in class?

A - We have a ratio of approximately 1:4 in our classrooms with each class containing one teacher and usually at least one learning support assistant.


Q - What is the ratio of girls to boys within school?

A - Our school reflects the national profile for girls and boys with a diagnosis on the autistic spectrum and girls currently make-up around 10% of our learner population.


Q - What are the School hours?

A - Monday to Thursday - 9.30am to 4pm

     Friday - 9.30am to 2.30pm

     The first day of each term - school starts at 9.30am 

     The last day of each term - school ends at 2.30pm

(with the exception of Christmas, Easter & Summer terms when school will end at 1.30pm)


Q - I'm interested in my son/daughter joining the School, what do I do next?

A - This page gives a 'quick guide' to admission but every individual case is different. The answer will depend on your son/daughter's individual circumstances, if you already have a Statement of Education or an EHCP in place and if you are already in communication with your Local Education Authority. We would always advise your next step to give us a call and we can guide you with what you should do next.  01273 832901

Q - Do all students wear a uniform? 

A - We encourage all students to be proud of attending LVS Hassocks and wearing a uniform helps to support a feeling of identity. The uniform consists of a green polo shirt, purple hoodie/sweatshirt, dark trousers and suitable footware. Uniform for our Post 16 (Key Stage 5) students is optional but should be smart at all times.

Changing from statements to EHC plans

The government have proposed that all Statements will be changed over to the new system within 3 years from Sept 2014; this is a huge undertaking and will be putting Local Authorities under much additional pressures. Therefore, understandably so, we have had many enquiries from existing parents who are concerned and anxious about this transition period.

We have put together some answers to the questions we get asked most often and also included some links to organisations who can give you some additional support.

Q - I’ve heard my local authority will be issuing no more Statements, does this mean they are taking them away from us?

A - People who apply for an assessment of need up to September 2014 will be included on the current system of Statements and Learning Disability Assessments. From September 2014 all students undergoing an assessment of need will be issued an Education, Health and Care plan.

Q - Will my child's Statement just be taken away and replaced by the new plan?

A - No, the local authority will need to go through the review process with you and the current school before they change over the Statement to a plan.

Q - When the Statement changes will it become watered down and will the authority remove support from it?

A - The local authority must go through the review process with you and the current school before changing over the plan. If the current support specified in the Statement remains then it will remain in place within the EHCP plan.

Q - What happens if I disagree with changes? Can I still appeal?

A - Yes the appeal to the tribunal service will still be in place. You can appeal a decision made within 14 days and go to tribunal if needed to contest it. The students Statement as it stands will remain current until the tribunal has made a decision or an agreement has been made.

Q - The new plans go from birth to 25 my child will be supported until they reach 25, won’t they?

Not necessarily, the young person post 16 must be remain in education or training for the plan to still apply, therefore post 16 or 19 funding could only be for a further 3 years.  Post 16 the young person has more say in their plan and may well decide to no longer attend education therefore it could be the case that the plan is removed. However if a young person aged 16 or over is not in education or employment (NEET) then their EHC plan should stand and be used to try to help the young person to engage further with training and education.

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